Healthcare in the era of Big Data & IoT

We are currently living in the era of digitalization, which includes technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Pervasive Computing, to name a few. Each of these technologies holds a promise for a better future – be it shopping from the comfort of our home or socializing through various social media or using home […]

Application of IoT in the Food industry

Internet or things

The digital revolution has brought in a major technological disruption in the food industry. With the aid of the internet of things (IoT), food processing, suppliers, as well as retailers, are discovering a window of opportunities for operation and financial growth in their business. Almost 90% of companies are now investing in IoT solutions and […]

ERP for Real Estate Industries is of utmost importance

ERP Images

Real Estate industry one of the major industries, which involved dealing with evaporative marketing environment and considerable expenditure for the high demand for residential and commercial projects. Let’s know the details about ERP for Real Estate. The business-like real estate industries are capriole to face multiple challenges in terms of budgeting, planning, unmanaged cash flow, […]